Kate Folsom

Yes, like the prison.

DNI Promotional Shoot  |  Choreography by Sarah Beth Oppenheim  |  March 2018

Photos by Mariah Miranda Photography | www.mariahmiranda.com

It's Not Here, Either  |  Choreography by Sarah Beth Oppenheim  |  April 2014

Photos by Zachary Z. Handler | www.zzhandler.com

To Know A Veil | Choreography by Emma Crane Jaster | Hillyer Art Space | January 2013

Photos by Leslie McConnaughey | leslieswanphoto.com

Images from performances with Stephanie Miracle. Fork (2014) and Figure Eights (2013).

Fork images by Blink O'fanaye. Figure Eight images by Zachary Z. Handler.

Images from performances with Dance Exchange. Silver Clouds (2013) and This Is a Place To... (2014).

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